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The Super Bowl has come and gone. The Denver Broncos rule the football world, and we now live in a world where football is over until the fall. While the most dedicated sports fans are standing around discussing everything about the game (or the halftime show), the rest of us are talking about this year’s batch of commercials. That’s why today, we present to you the 10 best ads from the “Big Game.”

Some made you laugh, some made you cry, some made you think, and others made you cringe (but we’ll talk about those later). Advertisers paid a cool $5 million for 30 seconds – up from $4.5 million a year ago. The results? Dogs in hot dog costumes, a museum of human culture in space, a puppymonkeybaby, Willem Dafoe as Marilyn Monroe, and more.

No, not all of them were winners, but some did hit the mark. Here are the Super Bowl commercials we’re talking about today:

1. Avos In Space: For this year’s Super Bowl commercial, the superfood brand gave us a 1-minute clip featuring aliens, a museum of ancient human culture (airplane coach cabins are torture devices, #TheDress sparked a civil war), and Scott Baio. For its blend of humor, pop culture, and making us want to make some guacamole for the office, this is our best ad of the 2016 Super Bowl.

2. Helen Mirren PSA: Anheuser-Busch is a brand that encourages fun and hanging out with your buds. On that same note, they also go to great lengths to discourage drinking and driving (the dog commercial still chokes us up). This year, instead of pulling at your heartstrings, they took a different approach, with actress Helen Mirren giving a very blunt monologue about what she thinks about people who drive drunk. In short, #GiveADamn.

3. Death Wish Coffee: Small business is getting a chance on the biggest stage thanks to Intuit. Death Wish Coffee – a New York-based company that boasts the “world’s strongest coffee” – won the chance to show off their product in a contest held by Intuit.

4. The Prius Four: Forget the van. This is the new getaway car. The Sobotka Family from The Wire came together to show how Toyota’s fuel efficient (and quiet) vehicle could be used to outrun police after a successful heist.

5. PuppyMonkeyBaby: Mountain Dew has a history of doing strange things to advertise its Kickstart energy drink. Since this was an ad for their new combination drink, they combined a puppy, a monkey, and a baby to create “PuppyMonkeyBaby.” Good luck trying not to think about it later tonight…

6. First Date: We’ve all heard stories about overprotective fathers. Especially when it comes to their daughters. Hyundai’s 1-minute spot featured actor/comedian Kevin Hart playing the role of a dad trying to keep an eye on his daughter out on a first date using the car tracker feature that comes with the vehicle. Hilarity ensues.

7. Ultrasound: Doritos’ Crash the Super Bowl contest gives us another gem featuring an expectant mother, her husband, a bag of Doritos, and an eager baby to get its hands on that bag of chips.

8. Strong Is Beautiful: Pantene’s spot was one that focused less on hair care products, and more on encouraging fathers to spend quality time with their daughters. The 30-second ad featured NFL players and their young daughters as they spent time giving their girls a “dad-do.”

9. Every Drop Counts: Colgate’s 30-second ad wasn’t one that talked about how great their toothpaste is. Instead, they focused on an entirely different issue. There was no music, no dialogue, no celebrity cameos, and no bells and whistles. Just a running faucet, a man brushing his teeth, and a reminder that every drop of water counts.

10. Defy Labels: Celebrity cameos and cars a-plenty, and 30 seconds to tear down any stereotypes that may be associated with owning one of their cars. This is what Mini USA presented to the masses.

How much of an impact will they make? We’ll have to revisit this down the road sometime. For now, let’s take a few moments to enjoy them.