APxChange is a powerful add-on feature of AccessPoint for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) documents. APxChange quickly transforms complex and nearly unreadable X12 EDI data files into fully searchable, easy to read documents. Healthcare providers routinely send and receive EDI 835 Health Care Claim Payment/Advice forms and EDI 837 Health Care Claims, and with APxChange you don’t need to be an X12 expert to understand what these files contain. The generated forms even include a glossary to assist in interpreting the multitude of remittance and advice codes.

APxChange also splits bulk 835 and 837 EDI files into individual documents so you can quickly find a claim or payment advice by patient name, medical record number, claim number, and more. Since APxChange is fully integrated with AccessPoint, you can also safely and securely send these documents to recipients through SecureMail.

Before APxChange

After APxChange