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Create a presence, raise awareness for your cause, engage supporters, raise money, and do it all from Facebook! The social media giant has launched a new part of their website designed specifically to help nonprofits and NGOs to get the most out of their respective pages.

No matter how big or small your organization may be, getting your foot in the door – much less, making your voice heard- can be a tall task. Especially when your website has over one billion active users. Yes, it can be overwhelming, but with Facebook For Nonprofits, you can finally gain more traction on the world’s largest social network.

The new Facebook For Nonprofits website acts as an instruction manual, giving organizations the essential tools they need to succeed. This includes tips on how to raise awareness, generating ‘likes,’ and if you don’t already have one, building a page. Think of it as an interactive roadmap, offering tips and tricks as they go along as to how to maximize impact.

Plus, pages come equipped with a ‘Donate Now’ button. Users can now raise money for their cause or their organization via social media.

Regardless of how big (or small) you are, your cause, or where you may be, Facebook hopes this new branch will help nonprofits strengthen their presence, while also teaching them how to better use social media to their advantage.

Whether you’re trying to gain more supporters to help back your cause or you want to help raise money for a cause, Facebook For Nonprofits hopes to resolve some of the issues that often plague anyone across the platform. Some voices don’t get heard, and others might get glanced over, but with this, maybe things will get a little bit louder for your organization.

As this is still a new website, Facebook hopes to release more features to help nonprofits as time goes on and they become available.

For more information, check out Facebook For Nonprofits.


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