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Blogging Service

Back in 1996, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates wrote an article where he coined the phrase “Content is King.” That may have been true in 1996, but it is even more evident today in our connected world. Having fresh and relevant content is vital to your digital marketing success. Blogging has become the most popular vehicle for delivering detailed and topical content to the masses. However, simply creating a blog post is only a fraction of the success equation. To effectively utilize a blog for marketing purposes, one must devise a blog strategy, create and manage content, identify keywords and phrases, categorize appropriately, review comments, and monitor activity. For this reason, too many companies fail to capitalize on the enormous potential of their blog.

Our Blogging Service, included in all of our Packages, takes the burden of administration off of your plate and allows you to do what you do most effectively— run your business. Blog Management service options include developing a blogging strategy, creating and hosting your blogging platform, creating and managing content, and analyzing and monitoring blog performance. We have experience with many blogging platforms including WordPress, Drupal, Habari, and Compendium Blogware. Additionally, our team of creative writers can craft professional content and our marketing analytics group can apply their special knowledge to make sure you are getting results.

To learn more about some of the platforms we use, click on the images below: