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Digital Signage & Motion Graphics

Digital Signage is everywhere today— airports, restaurants, shopping malls, and schools are just a few of the places adorned with high resolution displays to entertain or convey information. Advances in graphics and video editing software have also raised the bar of quality for content presented. The standard text on a colored background of public access television has been replaced with 3D motion graphics, animation, and high-definition full motion video.

Applications of Digital Signage range from simply lobby displays to welcome visitors to nationwide networks like Screenvision and GSTV where content is produced and distributed to cinemas and gas stations. Digital Signage is often used for:

Public Information— news, weather and local information

Company Information— presenting corporate messages about health & safety issues, company news, or employee benefits

Product Information— pricing, photos, and other information about items manufactured, distributed, or offered for sale

Customer Experience— edutainment to reduce perceived wait times in the waiting areas of restaurants, banks, or other businesses

Stratusi can configure an attractive template for a digital lobby display utilizing our web-based digital signage management system. We also provide managed content update services so your display can always provide timely and relevant information.