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Twitter is on the downswing. It’s no secret. Sure, it still has millions of active users, but overall growth is stagnant and the product has changed very little (even after changing “Favorites” to “Likes” and news of increasing its character limit to 10,000). However, this is one part of the micro-blogging service that is gaining serious traction, and you can watch it live wherever you go. Today, we’ll take a look at Periscope, its popularity, and where we go from here.

Much has happened to Periscope since its official launch less than a year ago. The Twitter-owned service that allows users to live broadcast their own videos. In the time it has been active, it has attracted over 100 million broadcast. More than 40 years of content is being watched on the app every day.

Want another statistic? In its first 4 months, Periscope has garnered 2 million active users. Compared to Twitter during its first 4 months, only 50,000 jumped on back in 2006 and 2007.

Long story short, Periscope is popular. So much so that it was named Apple’s top all of 2015. In a time when Twitter as a whole is trudging through water, this is what can keep the company afloat. Also working in their favor? Meerkat has gone to the wayside and the impending Facebook Live has yet to become available to everyone. This makes Periscope look like an even more attractive choice to users, whether you’re someone who wants to broadcast their daily life or you’re a marketer giving your customers a behind-the-curtains peek.

What’s next for the app? Recently, Periscope and Twitter announced a few changes to their service, such as autoplaying live videos within profiles, thus making it easier to watch videos and eliminating the need to click on a link to watch said video.

What does this mean? For those who want to jump-start their Twitter presence, this could be the opportunity you’re looking for. In a time when Twitter is stagnant, this is the thing that’s making the most noise for the company. Live streaming video could be a great asset for any company. Whether it’s a product preview, a behind-the-scenes look, or a company update, Periscope could become the go-to service for marketers.


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