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Pinterest is doing it, Instagram is doing it, and now Snapchat may be the next to revamp their paid advertising method. The popular photo-sharing platform has announced they will be adding native video ads in the near future.

It was only a matter of time. As it stands, Snapchat boasts over 100 million active daily users, and is considered one of the most important social apps amongst teenagers and Millennials. Earlier this year, the brand launched Snapchat Discover, their advertising medium.

Then last month, CEO Evan Spiegel began talking about the “future,” and expressed his desire to want to turn Snapchat into a platform for storytelling. The end result his new video ad platform called “3V,” or “Vertical, Video, Views.”

The move was announced during the recent Cannes Lions Festival. While video ads are nothing new (as we’ve talked about in recent weeks, Instagram and Pinterest introduced it almost simultaneously), Spiegel promises this one will be different. How so?

  • Mobile-Only: Much like everything else on Snapchat, these ads are built from the ground up for mobile, just like everything else within the messaging app.
  • No-Target Marketing?: During his presentation, Spiegel mentioned that he wanted to stray away from “creepy” advertising practices. He stated that “…with beautiful, full-screen video on mobile, we can build ad products that respect our community and their privacy. That’s something that’s really important.” However, upon further examination, it appears that there are targeting tools such as the Discover Channel and Live Stories, but it’s mostly a call to say that user data will remain private.
  • At a Place Called “Vertical”: As one of the Vs in “3V,” video ads on Snapchat will go vertical, meaning that when they start playing, they take up the whole screen. This is in contrast to Facebook or Twitter’s horizontal view, where ads can get lost amongst other content.

So what will happen? As we’ve seen from its meteoric rise over the past few years, the sky’s the limit for Snapchat and the advertising possibilities. It’s a new venture, and it could really pay off, especially when it comes to their younger users. Stay tuned…


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