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About Us

Who We Are

Stratusi is a tech company specializing in the development and support of enterprise-class software and data solutions. Our experience in healthcare, banking, insurance, and service industries have lead us to develop technical solutions for some of the largest organizations in the world including Travelport (TVPT), United Health Group (UNH) and Santander Group (SAN).

Behind The Curtain

Stratusi truly has been the man behind the curtain when it comes to creating highly scalable, secure and effective software for other software companies. For many years, we have been the behind-the-scenes architect, developer, analysts, and support provider for many applications sold and marketed by others. Now, we are beginning to come out from behind the curtain and are using our big data experience to bring new and exciting products and services to market at prices that are amazingly low. Our newest solutions for healthcare and finance are first rate, and we are seeing amazing growth in these sectors.

Healthcare Solutions

Stratusi helps manage the complexities of healthcare systems integration including EHR/EMR, Practice Management and LIMs whether they are in-house, cloud-based, or hybrid. We also provide custom solutions for web, email, and mobile data collection for patient reported outcomes, patient satisfaction and MIPS data.

Banking & Financial Services Solutions

Stratusi technology powers some of the nation’s largest banks and insurances companies in delivering customized electronic statements, check images, tax documents and more.


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